Green Elementary School Collaboration

I'm working hard this week to move my new San Diego Study vid forward. The new one will reorganized traffic on the 163 freeway according to car color to reveal the city's preference. I'm still very surprised that so many people drive silver/gray cars in San Diego. It's such a sunny town you'd expect a little more color. I'm in my fifth week of editing with a few to go. When I'm done will someone please throw a bucket of Gatorade on me? I'm also excited to move forward with a new community collaborator: Green Elementary School. We're just starting to work the details out but what I hope to do with the school is show the total number of kids that use a swing set over the period of five days. I visited a class recently and was blown away by the kids. They're a savvy crew with big ambitions. There are a couple of girls who want to be pro football players, which is incredible. The princess narrative that's laid on young girls is so unbelievably lame and limiting, it was really neat to hear these girls talk about their ambitions without limits.